Surprise Prize.

Since my return to the trading card and collectables scene, I have had to search around the internet and real-life to find informative places to get my up to date informat13178534_1743849269160561_1144595616537291677_n.jpgion from.

After having a dabble in the sports card scene for a bit I had decided to go back and have a gander at the television show/games based trading cards, so, Pokémon and Yugioh. A link from a friends Facebook page led me to the YouTube channel POKECOLLECTION. Not just informative, but funny and engaging for the older generations whilst still enjoyable for the younger generations.

Through the many different platforms of social media, POKECOLLECTION ran an online competition for a gift-pack. Which, as I am writing a blog about it I obviously won, and by “I” won, I mean my kids received. Then just a few business days later, boom, MAILDAY. (It has actually been a slow fortnight for maildays, my American card supplier seems to be backlogged with outgoing.)


So, the parcel actually arrived as I was out at work, so the Jnrs had to await my arrival. Getting home from work we all sat down and opened the parcel. The Jnrs were ecstatic with the delivery, 2 DVD series and a dual Pokeball belt set. With multiple giveaways through his social presence, these are more than generous and more than what we should expect from people. The  even bigger plus side is that you can see that POKECOLLECTION loves what he does and that is how this industry will continue to expand, through the passion passing from one generation to the next.


So go have a gander at the YouTube channel, Linked anywhere I have written POKECOLLECTION. And, hopefully a new blog next week as I have 2 deliveries in transit as I type.

Later all,



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