Custom Collector Cards.

A few weeks back I was at the Adelaide leg of the Oz-Comicon. There was a young artist there who amongst other styles like to portray existing characters as llamas.I didn’t manage to pick up any pieces on the day but didn’t want to miss out on having a llama-d item (does anyone know what a llama creation is called?)

So, having found their website and looking at the artwork, I was thinking what I could have done that would be my own little piece for my collection. Then I remembered that I had just opened 2 boxes of Adventure Time trading card, which each contained a blank card for fans to draw artwork on, and well, I can not draw for shit.

I then commissioned Kaci Star to Llama-rise (I’m making these llama words up) to draw some of my favourite characters as llamas.



The ball was smashed out of the park on these!

Everything about these is perfect. The colouring is true to original, the styling is crisp. Both Finn and Jake are completely recognisable, whilst still completely being llamas.

Saying that I am happy with these is an understatement and they deserve to be sat next to my existing set artwork cards without a doubt.


I would highly recommend going to the Kaci Star website and checking out her existing pieces on there.

Thank you and have fun.





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