2016 Adelaide OzComicCon

So, today I went along to the Adelaide leg of the OzComicCon. Mainly just to meet a card supplier. This year was my first visit to anything like this, and although I wasn’t going to dress in cosplay I did decide to bring out my TMNT top.


Once inside I had a quick gander around and headed towards the CherryCollectables booth. When I first decided to get back into collecting, after some searching around I came across Grayson and the Cherry team. With their live box and case breaks, it is a great start point for people wanting to test the waters of collecting.

Todays purchase was a box of the Star Wars – The Force Awakens.

The base set is a crisp design (but with just a few to many colour parallels to collect) and the insert sets are good additions. With the main chases being Autos, sketches, printing plates and Medallions.

My first insert was a gold medallion (really just the box filler hits) although they look nice enough. I was really hoping for a sketch, lucked out and got an autograph. I must say, that with the auto list for a movie like this, there is plenty of cards I could have hit that are people that are just unknown. Luckily, I got someone that a fair few people should know, from his own show ‘Life is Short’ its a Warwick Davis.





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