Back to the beginning.


A while ago now, I had just placed my keys on the desk and walked outside closing the door behind me. Driving my car down the road I had to pull over, just take some time to compose myself, think about things and then I was back off. I had just texted my business partner, “keys are on the desk, lights still on, wont be in there tonight, talk to you sometime.”

I had been running a business with a longtime friend for the past few years, a Boxing and Personal Training studio. But, I also have a young family, one of each under 7 at this point in time. I had been missing most of the school drop-offs and pick-ups, missing dinner with them and missing bedtime goodnights. And I had maintained a security job on the weekends, so was missing more family time again. My passion for the sports and training had been dying, I had lost the focus of training myself and my job had become a chore and not a passion. With the industry now being flooded with trainers being pumped out of “Institutes”, our location had hit plateu of member numbers, without having to do massive upgrades (and I didn’t need that stress).

It was my time, I left my keys, went to the school and picked up my kids.


After a few weeks I had started to wonder what I was going to do with alot of my time. I started to ride my downhill more, went and got a skateboard from my mates shop and generally started having fun.

This lead to my initial thought ” I wonder how collector cards are going”, remembering times as a kid opening packets. Well, as it turned out, it is a booming industry. From sports to movies and shows, let alone the card games. I had found something that I could do both myself and with the kids.

From here I have slowly started to fit myself in the collecting world, having been back into it for nearly a year. But having only focused on my single player collection, which at another time will have its own write up.

From this point in, I am widening my span of collections into, well everything. I will do a thread for each new lot of products and just give my general opinion, which is just that, only my opinion. But you will still get to see a wide variety of products. Plus, we can only hope that you too can become re-united (of have a new found passion) for the collecting scene.

Have fun all,





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